Andy Schreiner Construction Foundation Repair in Topeka, KS

Foundation Repair is common in Topeka. The different seasons of the year can impact a foundation. If the soil around a property is wet, it will expand. If the soil around the structure is dry, it will shrink. Once the soil shrinks, it is not uncommon for voids to appear. This is when a foundation begins to have issues.

Andy Schreiner Construction

Foundation Piering

Foundation piers are installed to lift a home and prevent it from settling. When homes have settlement issues, homeowners will notice cracks in their walls and ceilings. They will also notice doors that stick shut and are difficult to open. These are typical signs of foundation settlement. Foundation piers are installed underneath the foundation footing to lift and stabilize a home. This is done to keep a house from settling.

Basement Wall Bracing

Basement wall cracks are the number one structural problem for homeowners in Northeast Kansas. Because of this, Andy Schreiner Construction Co. has revolutionized the use of wall bracing and basement wall reinforcing throughout the area. We supply many options when it comes to bracing a cracked, bowed, or leaning basement wall. We also provide the best foundation pier available. Each option that we offer is a permanent solution to your unstable foundation.

I-Beam Bracing

I-beams have been bracing basement walls as long as there have been cracks in basement walls. They are a very reliable method of structural repair when applied by structural repair experts like Andy Schreiner Construction Co. A permanent solution requires that the basement wall, the concrete floor, and the floor joist all resist the wall pressures. The system has to be engineered and designed by professionals, or the results may be devastating. Simply wedging a steel I-Beam against the wall can lead to catastrophic damage to your home. The floor joist can shatter and buckle your main level floors.

Andy Schreiner Construction Co. only uses engineered structural systems to repair the foundation of your home. Our I-Beam basement wall braces are time-tested and proven to provide superior results over the competition. Our system ties your floor, wall, and joist into a single unit, providing the strongest possible wall support while allowing for the basement to be finished.

Diagnosing foundation cracks can be tricky. You have to look at the shape, size, pattern, and frequency of the crack as well as the correlation between cracks in the floors, the location of the crack, and other site factors to truly determine the problem. Simply covering the cracks and ruptures with sealers only hides structural problems. Remember, ignoring problems only increases these problems.

Other services offered at Andy Schreiner Construction are Basement Waterproofing and Concrete Construction.

Andy Schreiner Construction