DynaPier® Foundation Piering System

The patented DynaPier® foundation piering system was engineered to be the strongest foundation pier. The pier segments are pre-cast in a powder coated steel sleeve which is corrosion resistant. The outer casing is filled with a concrete core which provides superior strength and resistance, as proven in independent testing labs. Most foundation piers are constructed of either steel or concrete. The DynaPier® is one of the only piers that combines both for maximum strength and durability.

The pier segments are driven into the ground using a hydraulic press. After one segment is driven another is connected to the top using our interlocking system and then driven as well. This process is repeated until the foundation pier hits bedrock or a dense strata. The foundation pier is finished by placing a steel cap on the top. Unlike most foundation piering systems, the steel shims are contained within the pier cap which allows no shifting when the soil swells or shrinks.

The DynaPier® is a concentrically loaded pier, meaning it is installed directly underneath the footer which gives it one axis point. This alleviates any fail points and the installers do not risk damaging the footer by drilling into the side of it.

The DynaPier® was engineered for durability. For more information on our piering system please contact us to schedule an appointment or visit the DynaPier® website for technical information.

DynaPier Foundation Repair Diagram

The Strongest Foundation Pier

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